1. The world has been captivated by a “Dark Mind” that betrays the human race.
2. The Dark Mind takes decisions in the hazy climate of circles that has no divine light, and injects the people in the dark laboratories of parapsychology and rules the world from dark tunnels.
3. The Dark Mind has invaded and destroyed people’s souls, minds, intellects, morals and eventually lives, and then placed the animal instincts of its satanic nature in their stead.
4. The mind of every person infiltrated by the Dark Mind is rapidly demonised and becomes the adversary of the “human”. People who have the dark mind are fooled by the disillusion that they have freedom and independence and they do not realise that they are in fact submitting to the owners of the Dark Mind.
5. The Dark Mind presents itself as doing what is required by animal instincts as freedom and independence. The animal instincts that have been injected by the Dark Mind into the concepts of rights, freedom and independence cause continuous conflicts and war among people.
6. The Dark Mind gains strength and power from the inevitable war of animal instincts and enslaves humanity through those who have been turned by the Dark Mind into violent gunmen that can kill people for a hundred dollars.
7. The Dark Mind has entered all secluded parts of humanity, infiltrated into all the important institutions of states, and invaded countries by military or cultural means.
8. By encouraging same-sex relations, the Dark Mind wants to cause humanity’s extinction; by ensuring that wars occur outside the regions it rules continue uninterruptedly, it wants to make an attempt against humanity, and; by exploiting all values and resources of humanity, it wants to sentence them to poverty and eventually make its own sovereignty permanent.
9. The Dark Mind has separated men and women, individual and society, people and the state and injected all of them with the idea of being an entity on its own. Through these, it has planted the seeds of continuous conflict. By turning each of these notions/concepts into individual ideologies, it has flooded the world with blood.
10. Humanity is facing the deepest invasion and threat in history.
11. Humanity is dying.
12. “The Dark Mind” is deepening its satanic rule.
13. You cannot fight the Dark Mind by weapons, because bullets cannot harm the mind. The only way one can fight the Dark Mind is by forming a new mind, that is to say forming the “Moral Mind”.

So then listen O Mankind…

1- The human being is the most honourable of the living creatures that has been created in most perfect way possible.
2- The human being is a unique and exceptional creature descending from its human Ancestry
3- The essence that makes humans unique and exceptional is not the brain and body of them but their soul and heart.
4- Morals are the fundamental difference and borderline between humans and animals.
5- Only the humans are obliged with morals; animals are not obliged with morals.
6-THE Mind does not have the potentıal to violate morals, in other words the humanity.
7- Independence of humanity starts with the refusal of being an animal and the acceptance of being the most honourable of creation.
8- A Human’s individual entity is a necessity and the social entity is AN obligation; liberal and socialist ideologies tear humanity into pieces.
9- A Human being is not an individual consisting of himself/herself only; a human being is a personality equipped with morals.
10- Personality is the synthesis of the existence for being an individual and is the constitutional establisher of the society.
11- Personality is the essential and noble element that builds the society, and society is the housing and casing that makes personality possible and permanent.
12- When giving credit to each where it is due, the individual and society are two separate beings and they are two composite entities when describing mankind and life.
13- The relation between the individual and society is a search for balance flowing towards a superior order.
14- The individual is the representative of freedom and society is the representative of social order.
15- The Independence of humanity is only possible in the most developed composition of freedom and order.
16- Men and women cannot represent mankind separately.
17- Mankind manifests itself through the men’s and women’s complementing each other.
18- Men and women are not each other’s opposite but each other’s complementing parts.
19- The ultimate union of a man and woman without the bond of marriage is not possible and legitimate.
20- Only the marriage between a man and a woman is acceptable; other alternatives are the violation of humanitarian border.
21- Independence of humanity is only possible when a man and woman build a family establishment.
22- One cannot claim private ownership over the ruling power.
23- An individual or groups have no prerogative rights over the ruling power.
24- If the ruling power and the people have a dispute, the rightful party is the people.
25- The army cannot take the side of the ruling power against the people; an army that massacres the people is the enemy army.
26- The way to build and gain the ruling power is through elections.
27- Political opposition is possible and imperative (sine qua non).
28- The rule of law for the opposition and the minorities is under legal protection.
29- Uprısıng is a legitimate reason for those who have illegally taken the ruling power.
30- The State is the organised form of the society.
31- The State is a necessity for people with integrity whereas it is imperative for people without integrity.
32- The State is a natural outcome of a civilised society whereas it is an artificial sanction for an embroiled society.
33- The State is the established manifestation of order.
34- The State is the established means that carries the person and the society through the horizon of civilisation.
35- The State is the major organisation in which material strength is concentrated.
36- The material strength cannot be left naked; it must be covered with laws and morals.
37- The law identifies the formal borders of strength.
38- Morals determine the content and purpose of strength.
39- An unlawful state is a tyrant and an immoral state is a savage.
40- In today’s world, there are no moral states.
41- The Independence of humanity is only possible by building moral states.
42- Human life is sacred; life safety must be ensured above all else.
43- “One who kills a person is considered to have killed the whole of humanity.”
44- Life is paid by life; he who kills without cause is killed. But vigilantism is prohibited; the state shall define and execute the punishment through law.
45- Unless one risks spending all the treasure and mobilises all the armies in the world to save just one life, the independence of humanity cannot be saved.
46- Safeguarding the safety of the mind is a must.
47- Above all else, the mind is human beings faculty of recognising his/her “humanity”.
48- The Mind’s safety is the insurance of being and remaining a human.
49- Freedom of thought is a complementing part of mind’s safety and outcome of it.
50- Thought is the dignity of the human being; it cannot be denied or prevented.
51- What matters is safeguarding of the sanctity of the human mınd, without it freedom of thought is impossible.
52- Each religion, culture and ideal should be able to build its own mind synthesis and mind-set.
53- The “Single mind” (positive mind) enforced by the West inhibits the freedom of thought.
54- No religion, culture or ideal can impose their mind-set on humanity.
55- Freedom of thought is restricted by morals; any thought that does not propose morality or mindfulness is null and void.
56- The Independence of humanity is only possible with the end of the sovereignty of the single mind.
57- Religion safety should be ensured.
58- Religion is the connection that humans have with the truth.
59- Religion is the system that proposes the life of truth.
60- All kinds of exploitation of the safety of religion are strongly rejected.
61- Different religions should be able to live together.
62- In a world where religions do not impose on each other, humanity’s independence is secured.
63- The safety of generations should be ensured.
64- The very first prerequisite of safeguarding generations is wedlock.
65- Human is the most sacred entity in the universe, preventing the birth and life of a human being is cannibalism.
66- Killing a human being by abortion must be prohibited. Concerns about having enough material wealth to get by are not an excuse for abortion.
67- Those that prevent a child from being born are also capable of killing people.
68- In a world where a child is not allowed to be born, independence of humanity is impossible.
69- Assets must be safeguarded.
70- Fights over assets and goods are libelous for a creature as sacred as the human beings.
71- Offences against assets and goods are a way that the human insults himself/herself and no individual, society and state shall be allowed to affront itself, the human kind and humanity.
72- All causes for a dispute over assets and goods shall be deemed null. However;
73- The whole of humanity is responsible for each single human being starving on this earth;
74- Assets and goods cannot be really safeguarded unless the whole of humanity reaches the minimum level of living.
75- Safeguarding the assets and goods is above all else the responsibility of the wealthy people and states. The rich are liable not to safeguard their assets and goods but to fulfill the minimum requirements of the poor.
76- No rich person can find refuge in the safety of his/her assets and goods in the event of an attack by a man who could not satisfy his basic needs.
77- In a world where there are people who are hungry and in need, the independence of humanity has not been achieved.
78- Morality is the process of becoming a human for the being that is born as a human.
79- No ideological perspective or understanding is independent of morality; any ideology that does not first propose its moral values is null and void.
80- Morality does not have any political boundaries but considerations of different morality are possible and necessary.
81- The Declaration of Morals and Independence is global. It cannot be abandoned or committed to the prerogative of political regimes and Powers.
82- Political Powers should not be the owners of but be subject to the Declaration of Morals and Independence.
83-The Independence of humanity is only possible if the world sets up a “Council of Morals and Independence”.
84- Turkey is a nominee to represent and warrant the Declaration of Morals and Independence in the whole world.
PROF. DR. VEYSEL ASLANTAŞ Erciyes Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi DEKANI

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